Dubsmash is one of the best growing app having nearly millions of download on all app stores. This app has been trending on all app stores and it is available for both android and iphone users. When we talk about some important apps that everyone must use then dusbsmash is one of them. The downloads of dusbsmash and similar apps like dubsmash are increasing day by day and everyone sees to be interested to edit his/her video either by adding a dub voiceover or by applying special effects. Hence we have created a fine list of top 7 apps like dubsmash, which can be a great addition to your apps list if you love using dubsmash like apps.

Top 5 Apps like Dubsmash

Dubsmash is basically a simple voiceover app, which helps users to dub their videos in popular voices, funny dialogues which are either from movies or tv shows. You can also few lines of songs in your videos and make it the most interesting videos ever. So if you are a dubsmash app lover and looking for dubsmash alternatives, so check out the below list of other apps like dubsmash.

apps like dubsmash

1. Dubshoot

Dubshoot is another best alternative of dubsmash, Download dubshoot, shoot your video and used the famous sounds provided by the app and apply your specific sound to the created video. You can also create funny videos by applying funny voiceover sounds and then just simply share your expertise of creating funny and interesting videos on google and facebook.

2. Vinesmash

Vinesash is best dubsmash alternative and techluis lovers will surely love this. All you need is download vinemash on your iphone (not available for android) and choose any funny voiceover sound or track and apply it to your video, Hence within minutes you can create the most funniest videos which will be ready to share on social networks. This is the reason vinesmash is the 2nd best app in our list of apps like dubsmash.

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3. Musical.ly

As the name suggest this app has huge music library which can be easily used to dub your videos. Unlike, Dubsmash here you are only available to select music for your videos, so Just select your favorite music create a video and apply the music to your video in a way so that I looks real and in few minutes you are ready to impress your friends through your dub videos.

4. KineMaster

Well, kineamaster is also a popular app for video creation and editing, Create dubsmash videos and edit with kine master. You will be having tools to edit your created dubsmash videos and give your videos a completely new look. Kineaster is also free and can be easily downloaded on all mobile devices.

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5. Power Director

Another Powerful app like dubsmash for video editing, whether you want to add special effects or you want to edit your dubsmash videos by giving it a complete new look, Using power director you can do any type of video editing to your videos, like zooming, giving it a specific color effect, size settings and much more.

6. AndroidVid Video Editor

Video Editor: Androvid video editor is another app like dubsmash which allows you to edit your videos, add special effects to your dubsmash videos, create new videos and then edit it with androidvid video editor and let the fun begins by sharing your newly created video with your friends.

Enjoy our list of other apps like dubsmash? Do share it with your friends and take video editing to a new exciting level.