We all know that iTube app is by far the best app for music related stuff, This App helps in listening, downloading and managing your favorite songs with ease on your smartphone because of its easy to use interface, which makes it more popular than any other music app player. Keeping iTube app aside, there are some other apps like iTube which are similar to itube in terms of Features and Functions to fulfill your music needs. So we created a list of some best apps like iTube that are very much similar to iTube and can be used in place of itube to listen your favorite music completely free.

The demand of Smartphones apps is constantly growing, More and more software developers are coming to this industry because of the huge market demand. There are some apps which makes million dollars a month, Android or iPhone Users keep downloading new apps on daily basis from google play and itunes stores for their Respective phone. iTube is also one the most popular app which is continuously downloaded by thousands of users everyday, Although itube app is used by people to listen songs and download their favorite videos but there are some apps which are similar to iTube and are free to download.

Top Apps Like iTube

So here are some of the top alternatives of itube, remember that all of these music apps are free to download. These apps are available for Android and iPhone Phones, which you can easily download from the correspondent play stores.

apps like itube


Imusic is the only music app having much easy to use interface, If you want to listen songs or you want to access a specific album, iMusic is the best app similar to iTube. Access thousands of music libraries for free without root. Create new Playlist, manage your favorite music list with this easy to use music player.

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Pocket Tube:

Same like iTube, Pocket tube is a great music payer app specially developed for music lovers. Organize your favorite songs in a way you always wanted, With so much features this Music player app is extremely easy to use and does not requires any rocket science to learn and use. Save your Favorite tracks, Mange old Playlist, Play Music in Background and much More.

Music Tube:

Well Music Tube application is the same app like itube. Music tube app also lets listen music of any type. Music tube can help you search for specific music like searching by albums, tracks etc. This app lets you access millions of songs free of cost.


One of the best alternative of itube, Instatube has got some additional features including playback facility such as background playback and continuous playback. Not only this instatube also supports youtube (cc), means you can easily watch and read the transcript of the video. This Feature is added for all those who loves to listen foreign music. So after installing InstaTube everyone can easily understand what the music is about by using instatube Transcript reading  feature.


Audioviz is another amazing app that is made only for music lovers and has got some awesome features. AudioViz is one of the top apps like iTube, Using audioviz one can easily create new playlists, manage and organize different music in different playlists so that later on one can easily access his favorite songs library or playlist. Audioviz is a lite weight app and is available free of cost to download you can also this apps using apps like vshare for free which also helps you download free apps without any cost..


Protube can be the best app among all mentioned which are similar to itube app. This app is very useful when you have a slow internet connection and you want to watch your favorite videos without any buffer, Protube helps you play videos in all quality including HD version of video. Suppose you have a slow internet connection then you can simply set the video quality to the lowest quality and can watch all videos listen any music without any loading issue.


SmartTube is simple app having very limited functions, but this app performs an amazing job when it comes to listening music on your smartphone. Smarttube lets you enjoy all kind of music on youtube, this video app player has a good number of downloads and having thousands of satisfied users hence smarttube got 5th position in our list of top apps like itube.

Music Tv:

With so much downloads on Apple’s and google play app stores music tv is one the best app for all those who are usually attached to music to much. Download Music Tv and enjoy free access to any music. Music Tv can be a great addition to your music apps, with so many features Music Tv is one of the best apps like iTube.


Walknote is basically all in one app, Upon installing walknote application, users are not limited to just youtube, Yes, everyone who uses walknote can access the free music of other sites and that too free of cost. Using walknote on can easily access sites like soundcloud for free music and that too with ease of access. Walknote app can help you enjoy the latest songs from every movie or album by accessing music sites such as soundcloud and from there you can easily find the latest album and listen things for free.

Did you enjoyed our list of other apps like itube? Well, After downloading these apps we hope that you will enjoy music at its best. For more apps like tutorials follow and visit our site regularly, Enjoy.