Snapchat is also one of these apps which has grown tremendously fast on all app stores, To date this app has been downloaded 4,790,190 times and is getting more and more downloads day by day. Ok so why snapchat is so popular? Snapchat is basically not a traditional chatting app that only provides you chatting facility but it is more than that. This app has some new features which other apps lack, like you can do video chatting and snap chatting in a new way, that means during chatting if you send any snap or video to your friend it will stay live only for sometime and will be automatically vanished at receiver’s end and that’s what makes it a unique chatting app providing you complete privacy and security and. Although there many snapchat alternatives on app stores for android and iphone users but below listed apps are some of the top apps like snapchat which provides same type of unique chatting features to its users.

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Top 5 Apps like Snapchat

1. Telegram

This app is having same feature of “deletion” like what you get in snapchat, So in snapchat after a certain amount of time your snap or video is automatically deleted, now extactly the same feature is in telegram, just send your message and apply timing, and there you go, you even don’t need to worry about your sent messages because telegram will automatically delete all sent messages after sometime and that is reason why it is the best alternative of snapchat.

apps like snapchat

2. Burn Note

Burn Note is One of the best apps like snapchat available for android and can be played used on windows too, which is best for private messaging and helps you delete your sent messages on recipient end automatically. Yes, you heard it right, just send any note to your friend online and apply the timer settings, so as soon you’re the note is opened on recipient end the timer starts and after certain the note be deleted automatically by Burn Note.

3. Wiper

This is a free app for messaging and video calling, Same like snapchat this app also allows you to do messaging and free video calling, It is also a secure app and send your data over encrypted layer of security. You even don’t worry about security while using. This app is available for iphone and android smartphone users and can be easily downloaded for itune or google play store for apps.

4. Wechat

The all in one popular chatting app, With over millions of downloads this app is the best app in the social category on google play store. Wechat is the best snapchat alternative for chatting. But using wechat you can only do text chat and video chat and that too with full privacy features available by wechat app for its users. it is free to download and everyone can use it without any cost issue.

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5. Stealthchat

It is a new app when we compare it with other mentioned apps like snapchat, But overall stealthchat is also one of the most finest app for Secure and Private Chatting, Stealthchat owners was first providing their chatting service through their site but in recent times they also released their app for android and iphone mobile users. This app provides advanced security chat service, it means that all of your text and calls are encrypted by using an advanced technology to provide you the most safest way to fulfill your chatting needs without any issue.