A smartphone without apps is pretty much useless because the sheer fun of owning such a device comes from enjoying all the benefits that result from installing these small programs. Most of them have a strong practical use and will enable you to cut down on costs by using free services instead of ones that would wind up costing you a lot, while others are designed simply to entertain you. The debate over which brand of smartphone is better, will continue for years to come, but the preference for devices running Android is only going to spread.

best android apps to

With the Android market being full of exciting apps that are only becoming more numerous, people are switching to this operating system. Downloading the apps is very easy and with only a few touches on the display you can populate your smartphone with cool programs that will greatly enhance your mobile phone experience. Free of charge or selling at reasonable rates, these apps will enable you to make the most of your smartphone and also solve a lot of everyday problems, aided by technology.So, here are some cool Android Apps to make your life easier on Android Smartphone.

3G Watchdog

Is your mobile network operator being a bastard, taxing you too much when you blow your traffic limit while surfing the net on your mobile phone? Fear not! 3G Watchdog is the perfect little app companion that you will need to never step over that limit again on Android devices. 3G Watchdog installs itself as a background process, consuming very little of your system resources. It then monitors all internet data, in and out and shows you various statistics in its main interface window. You can set a fixed traffic quota and a reset period. Until reset, Watchdog will show you a progress bar with data limit left in MB or GB, estimated traffic if you continue to use internet the same way, until the end of the month, and many more things to help you see how and when you use internet more intensely.

Watchdog can also be configured to show alerts in your notification area, and warn you when you are reaching the monthly limit. All in all, a cool tool to help you save some money, and of course, it is free…

APN on/off Widget

Probably the most useful Widget out there, especially for phones that have their Android software versions lower than Android 2.2 (Froyo). It will help you save money you could spend unnecessarily on data traffic and greatly increase your phone’s battery life – by hours or even days.

The small app doesn’t have (or need) an interface, and it consumes no resources whatsoever. It doesn’t reside in the background and just does its job. It is also 100% free of course. After you install it from android market or any other source of your pleasing, just go to any of your home screens, and long press an empty area. From the pop-up menu, pick Widgets, and select the APN on/off widget. It is really small. If green, it means  internet traffic is allowed. Tap once to turn it red and wait a few seconds. The 3G icon will disappear from your network notification icon. All internet traffic is now stopped.

Fear not, your phone will still be able to receive calls, send calls or send/receive text messages. If at any time you need to access the internet just re-enable 3G for the period of time you intend to use it. Also keep in mind there could be free Wi-Fi hot spots around you, so check that out first.

Watchdog Lite

It is all about dogs today! Watchdog lite is another monitoring service app, but it monitors your phone’s wellness instead of your internet  traffic Want to know what  apps are opened currently on Android OS? How much CPU or Memory is each using? Which apps been sucking the battery life out of your phone? Watchdog Lite does just that. And with an alert system that beeps when an application goes crazy, freezes or hogs huge amounts of memory, and the ability to kill that application instantly, this Watchdog is a must especially on those with many apps on their phones.