Iphone 6 plus has raised its values by being the top mobile in 2015. Its creators, Apple.INC, have been releasing the best apps and functions for apple that increases its value day by day. iPhone 6 Plus has been the latest cell phone from apple to date and people are loving this phone very Much. When it comes to apps for iPhone 6, Iphone is constantly releasing new apps for iphone 6 plus users. So we have gathered a list of 22 best apps for iPhone 6 Plus, This will surely fall you in love with your iphone 6 plus after using these tremendous useful apps of 2015.

Following are the Best Apps for iPhone 6 Plus


Dubsmash for iphone 6 plus

Dubsmash is currently the most loved Top iphone 6 plus app on social media, this App has now 1000’s of installs. What Basically Dubsmash app do? Well, Dubsmash app let’s you dub your voice with a popular dialogues, sounds and quotes and in a dew seconds you will get a dubbed voice of yours. You can create unlimited hilarious funny videos using these free voices. This is a total fun, In last few months this app has emerged as one of the best free app for all time. This App Works Amazingly fast on iphone 6 plus. People all over the world loves to dub their voices and then they share it on social media like facebook, twitter and G+ which increased the popularity of this amazing funny voice app.

Google Map Founder

google map founder for iphone

If You have iPhone 6 Plus, then Google Map founder is best Free app to use. This app does not only allow you to find the place you’re looking for but also guides you the way till you get there. When you enter the place you’re looking for, the Google map founder guides you the way till you reach. It tells you where to turn next and when you get there it stops.

Waze -Gps Maps and Social Traffic:

waze gps app for iphone 6 plus

Waze Gps Based Social Traffic Info Provider App can help you in rush Traffic. All you need is to install waze on your iPhone 6 plus. This Gps app works in a community where several other waze users like you share real time traffic data with you and you will be able to know which route to select to drive without any traffic issue. Waze is on no 3 in our list of best apps for iphone 6 plus, The Best thing about Waze app is it will provide you real time traffic which is constantly edited by waze community users, Not only this you can also contribute in waze community to get more higher rankings to help others, this can be done providing real time traffic data, adding info of local businesses, and providing overall info what’s going on your route like if there is an accident or road block etc. Waze is a Pretty Much powerful App which you will for sure.

Hungry Babies Mania:

iphone 6 plus app

Well, Hungry Babies Mania is little bit puzzle type gaming app and when we talk about top fun apps for iPhone 6 plus hungry babies mania should be there. This is a very simple hd gaming app that can be a nice addition to best apps for iphone 6 plus. Hungry babies Mania as the name suggest that you have to feed hungry babies and have almost 30 tasty levels to go through and clear one by one. More levels you clear more higher level you will face which is off course will be more difficult and more Tasty.


apps for iphone 6 plus - rise app

If you’re not into waking up with harsh ringtones and getting up in a hurry, rise is just the right app for you. This iphone 6 plus free app lets you wake up in such an easy way and gives you a soothing wake-up call which does not let you get all hurried up. Rise app is useful for those office boys who needs to wake up early and hence apps like rise is the most useful app for them that is the reason among the list of free apps for iphone 6 plus rise is placed no 4th.

Happy Wheels:

happy-wheels-app for iphone 6 plus

Happy Wheels is a free app, It been played millions of time online on pc. Now this amazing small app is available to download for iphone 6 plus. Happy Wheels app let’s you drive trough different consequences where you have to clear different obstacles to survive in this game, Snapchat is not like any other game, here physics is involved and you have to survive intelligently otherwise you would not be able to clear levels.


snapchat for iphone 6 plus 2015

I don’t Know why but i always recommend my subscribers to use snapchat on iphone 6 plus. Snapchat has became the most used app in social apps category and it is the best app to consider for iphone 6 plus phone. Snapchat in not like other common social media app, This app helps you send your photo or any video to your friends and guess what, when your fiends receive it and they watch your video or see your snap then the snap and video will suddenly disappear, It is one of the big advantage of snapchat and why people love this app so much. Among all Best apps for iphone 6 plus snapchat is the only app from social apps category.

Shazam Music Identification:


A simple small app that let’s you find your desired music details. We all listen songs on our phones and sometimes we forget the music creator name, This free iphone 6 plus app will help you out when you hear a song and can’t remember the entire song shazam is the right app to identify the music, It tells you the singer, the song and lyrics of it.

Screens 3 VNC:

screens 3 app for iphone 6 plus

Want to use your PC through your iPhone 6 plus when you’re on the table or any where far? Screens will help you complete your wish. You can now use it to access your Mac or PC without having to come near with the help of your iPhone 6 plus. Screens 3 VNC is the last app of our Top and best apps for iphone 6 plus list.

We Have enjoyed writing this Tutorial on Best apps for iphone 6 plus, You can Download these apps for your iphone 6 plus directly from apple app store.