Under the concept of “technical capabilities also required to win in the global market”, Development to stick to in-house principle. The company is in the kernel of PaaS infrastructure software open source “Cloud Foundry”, build their own “private PaaS”. We introduced the efforts.
Adopted an open source PaaS infrastructure software “Cloud Foundry”, in a private cloud PaaS (or less, a private PaaS) to develop. It is thought that the service infrastructure of that expanding “Development economic zone”. Development Unit group infrastructure construction and operation section chief has revealed.

Build a private PaaS – 4 one of the reasons why you chose “Cloud Foundry”

Optimism of business, would no longer be said that part of the social infrastructure. products company maker in the country, the total amount of service distribution in 2010 about 2.6 trillion yen (including e-commerce and about 1.4 trillion yen in travel intermediation), in 2011 more than 3 trillion yen is almost certain. In addition, “the world of Internet companies” with the aim of vision, at a rapid pace and is promoting overseas expansion, is now Asia, to have (overseas distribution total launched 11 service sites in Europe and the United States is 67 billion yen in fiscal 2010 ).


It is IT that is supporting the business of this optimism. Change and speed precisely because net industry becomes a life and commitment to “principle in-house”, is home to IT engineers of 1000 – strong in the country. Development project a few days short in the year thousands of more of the units, that are doing the more than 1,000 per year in those long months. In the center of inexpensive IA servers of IT infrastructure, reaching nearly one million units (related article: Five Best Practices to support the optimism of the system ).

Build a private PaaS - 4 one of the reasons why you chose "Cloud Foundry"

Build a private PaaS – 4 one of the reasons why you chose “Cloud Foundry”

So of course, efficiency and server consolidation of server construction is a major challenge. As a countermeasure, using XenServer in 2007, including the technical verification of server virtualization, the development from 2008 environment, expand the new service, major service and scope, in the second half of 2010 IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) type private cloud it was allowed to develop into.

Development’s optimism is the difference between a “private to provide IT resources in-house and within the group IaaS (private IaaS), you are also used for commercial services of outside for the optimism. Currently, the number of virtual machines 1000 and beyond the die and that’s the physical environment by .IaaS which accounts for about 10% of all servers lead time of such building the server about a month to shrink, he said cost savings are also obtained “by the hardware-intensive.