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5 Other Apps like Vshare

Vshare app provides you the ability to download your favorite apps for your smartphone which you can’t access directly on play store and itune store. There are 100’s of apps which are not available on app stores and infact some of them are either

Android Wallpaper Apps 2015

The latest android wall paper apps bring your android devices to life with vibrant colors and splendid themes. The wide array of themes, ranging from sophisticated to funky ones, is a must-have for all your android based gadgets. These android wallpaper apps add to

Other Apps like Snapchat

Snapchat is also one of these apps which has grown tremendously fast on all app stores, To date this app has been downloaded 4,790,190 times and is getting more and more downloads day by day. Ok so why snapchat is so popular? Snapchat is

Apps Like Dubsmash

Dubsmash is one of the best growing app having nearly millions of download on all app stores. This app has been trending on all app stores and it is available for both android and iphone users. When we talk about some important apps that

Apps like iTube – Best iTube Alternatives

We all know that iTube app is by far the best app for music related stuff, This App helps in listening, downloading and managing your favorite songs with ease on your smartphone because of its easy to use interface, which makes it more popular

Free Screen Recorders No Root – Android Apps

Screen Recording Apps are very rare when we look into google play store to download it for free to fulfill our android screen recording need . Well, Many People used to root android phone and then record their mobile screens, But for Most of

10 Apps like Flipagram

Flipagram is a photo & video slidemaker platform that is a best way to express about you to the world. This photo and video creating tool enables the users to create and share their stories in the form of photos and videos with the

Top 5 Best Security Apps for Android 2015

Android smartphones and tablets are the devices which could conquer the minds of people especially youngsters.But the harmful malwares like viruses, Trojans,worms, spywares etc will destruct all these devices and leaks the user’s private data mostly. For these threats several security apps are available

Tubemate App for Android

Mostly we all are fond of watching videos online from YouTube. But sometimes some videos that we are watching become our favorite and we often search for the same videos from any other source for download. In most of the times we get the

How to Block Ads on Android Tablets

If you are an Android user, surely you might have come across the pop-up ads on your mobile. If you are an Android power user or a normal user, sometimes the pop-up ads seems to be very annoying and disturbing. Right ? That’s why