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Build a private PaaS – Reasons why you chose “Cloud Foundry”

Under the concept of “technical capabilities also required to win in the global market”, Development to stick to in-house principle. The company is in the kernel of PaaS infrastructure software open source “Cloud Foundry”, build their own “private PaaS”. We introduced the efforts. Adopted

US HPE is not giving up the OpenStack cloud

US HPE is, beta same 2015 as the alliance announced on Microsoft Azure with Microsoft December 1, as one of the choices of the company’s managed cloud services “HPE Helion Managed Cloud”, the managed services of “HPE Helion OpenStack 2.0” It revealed that it

Free Screen Recorders No Root – Android Apps

Screen Recording Apps are very rare when we look into google play store to download it for free to fulfill our android screen recording need . Well, Many People used to root android phone and then record their mobile screens, But for Most of

Other Sites like Reddit

When it comes to social networking sites Reddit should be at the top. People from all over the world use these social sites to interact with their friends, family members, relatives and strangers. Although some of these sites allows you to chat with your

When could 4K be Mainstream?

4K is one of the most covered tech media speak since last year. And why not, it is four times the resolution of Full HD providing stunning picture quality. It is fancied by a lot of movie or even TV buffs like me. But

10 Things you Must Think Before Starting a YouTube Channel

So you are ready to dive into the YouTube’s world of video creation. But before you go ahead register that username and start creating those awesome videos, just make sure you have the clarity of what you are getting into and how you should

Top 4 Tips to Increase Post Visibility on Facebook

About 95% of your contacts or your fans will not see anything, thanks to an algorithm, called Facebook Edge Rank. There are millions of posts posted to facebook every minute and it’s really hard to say that we are there too. In order to

How Can We Install Android Apps Outside of Google Play?

The Google Play Store is undoubtedly the best Android App Store to enhance the mobile experience. It allows the users to access more than one million apps but sometimes some apps are unexpectedly pulled from the store. So what can we do ? Here

How to Block Ads on Android Tablets

If you are an Android user, surely you might have come across the pop-up ads on your mobile. If you are an Android power user or a normal user, sometimes the pop-up ads seems to be very annoying and disturbing. Right ? That’s why

Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is the most popular Content management system and a blogging tool, You can design a spectacular websites with WordPress. But what if your site Gets hacked. I know it feels bad, Because We also  have been the target of massive security attacks.To prevent hackers