With the rapid advancements in android technology over the years, it has become virtually impossible for android loaded gadgets to go without some apps to supplement them. An android smart phone like Samsung s4 without any apps, sounds weird, right? These free apps for android tablet have transformed your gadgets into a world of joy and fun. Here are some of the top notch free apps for android tablet that have become increasingly popular ever since they have been launched.

free apps for android tablet

Best Free Apps for Android Tablet 2015

All these apps can be easily downloaded to your Android Tablet from Play Store Here.

Special Force Sniper

Nothing beats having a cool app for being able to pass your time during a boring ride or while waiting up for somebody. Special force sniper gaming app has been designed for android systems of 1.6 and above. Try assassinating your opponents while you can for once you start, you would not be able to stop yourself.

Angry Birds

Ever since the conception of angry birds, it has been steadfastly climbing the hill of popularity. Angry Bird is one of the top rated free app available for android tablet. The latest angry birds’ version, launched on December, 18th, 2013 has broken all the previous records of popularity. The first ever 3-D angry bird version helps you visualize the birds and pigs from every angle making the gaming experience all the more interesting.

Youtube Proxify

youtub Proxify can be a Good When it comes to free android tablets apps. Using Youtube Proxify on android provides Uninterrupted streaming of videos on YouTube is no longer a problem. The YouTube Proxify app does the job for you. It also saves you the hassle of visiting the proxy sites for unblocking YouTube every time that you need to visit it. It requires android 2.1 and other updated versions for installation.

Internet Downloader Magic (IDM)

Internet download magic is a great app to manage your downloads with ease and exceptional speed. Its unique features are ability to download several items simultaneously and being able to stop and pause downloads. Because of the astonishing speed with which it does so, it has become increasingly more popular than downloading with Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Escape Action

This amazing and challenging puzzle game on android tablet tests your analyzing skills. Developed by Candy Mobile and launched on December 14th, 2013, this game has stunning graphics that sweep you along the way. The 60+ levels of this game provide hours of non-stop fun.

The benefit of being free has added to the popularity of these latest apps for android tablets, smart phones and other devices. Unlike their previous versions, they are more sophisticated. These free apps for android tablets are worth having. Apart from these, there are a lot more apps to choose from and to enjoy, from the store of latest free apps for android tablets.

More free Apps For Android Tablet

We know that free Android apps have made life so much easier and when they are coming for free they make it easier for the user in all ways. It is really useful when you have a lot of things to do and you can get them done with the help of a free android apps for tablet 2015. There are many android apps being released every second a day and with the New Year about to end already, there are many apps that 2015 also bought us.

Following are some of the Free Apps for android tablet that are released in 2015 and have been a great help to all the android users.


If you are also a music fan and cannot resist without listening to music then you might have downloaded the best app for staying updated with the new tracks. There are many amazing apps that keep coming and they keep updating the latest trends. AirRecord works great on android tablet.

AirRecord is the latest free android tablet app that was released this year in January and it has made life a lot easier for music lovers. If you are always on iTunes and cannot let go off the songs you listen on radio or have a list of your own then AirRecord now makes is so much easier for you than it ever was. It helps you make the playlist you like and play it for you all the time. Moreover it helps you get the radio songs saved so that you can listen to them later. This app is compulsory for all the music lovers.

glow app for android tablet

Glow – Free Android App

This latest android app for tablet has been made for the women to help realize about their future. It is one of the best android app that help women realize whether they are ready for their future or not. It is a really great app that has been made for women to realize that they are ready for starting a family or not.

Glow Fertility & Ovulation

This application’s intended for couples attempting to get pregnant. Definitely it might be utilized by men and ladies indistinguishable, following richness cycles and anticipating when’s best to bounce in the sack. Both accomplices can enter information, with social characteristics to empower each one in turn in the event that it doesn’t happen as fast as you’d trust.


Groopic is one of the best free apps for android tablet 2015. Taking a gathering photograph could be unreliable, utilizing the front Polaroid regularly makes low-quality pictures, while the back Polaroid normally obliges various takes and even along these lines, you may get a shot of your appearances, however shouldn’t something be said about the setting? An application called Groopic means to tackle this issue by incorporating the photographic artist in every assembly photograph they take, with the utilization of a photograph joining together engineering. This means there’s no additionally requesting assistance from a more interesting or setting up a tripod stand.

5BY – Free Android App

Styling itself as a “feature concierge”, this application is the work of site Stumbleupon, guaranteeing to give a stream of web features dependent upon your diversions, current mind-set and the time of day. Great in the event that you only need to kick back and watch… something, yet you’re not exactly beyond any doubt what.

Farm Heroes Saga

‘Farm heroes saga’ is basically Confection Squash Adventure with another skin. As opposed to managing confection, you’re managing products of the soil. Generally the fundamental reason continues as before. you can get farm heroes saga from Google Play for android tablet. You must blend and match particular symbols to finish levels. There are many levels and it’s free so assuming that you need something to keep you possessed for some time this is it.

12Hours – Free Android App

It is amazing, a simple clock widget for Android units that pulls in your datebook occasions from the following 12 hours and reveals to them as “checked zones” on the clock. The thought is to give a visual representation of your day, keeping in mind it may sound unusual, it is really a truly viable system.


Jelly is a brand new free app for the society and a new informal community from one of the same personalities that brought us Twitter. In this system you take pictures of things, make inquiries about it, and other individuals answer assuming that they know. The Get it on Google Play application itself could utilize some act as the interface is whatever the inverse of instinctive is however it is free and we accept they’ll overhaul things to make it more agreeable inevitably.

Small Fry

Small fry is an unbounded runner that happens in the sea, buzzing around, and in space. This shockingly addictive diversion consumed a greater amount of my time that I’m ready to concede to in light of the fact that it’s basic, snappy, and fun. You play as a fish on your tablet; you tap Get it on Google Play the screen to jump, and that is truly it an people love using this free app on android tablets. The fish bounceson its own and utilizing this exceptionally basic control plan, you recently need to not get hit. It’s harder than it looks.


Evolve Sms Free Android Tablet App is the most download app on play store. Numerous and changed applications are attempting to slaughter off the lowly SMS, with any semblance of Whatsapp and Facebook Dispatcher standing out. EvolveSMS takes an alternate tack: reinstating the default informing application with an astonishingly usable mixed media instrument – complete with of service widgets and lockscreen characteristics.

Above are the Free Apps for Android Tablet which can be directly downloaded from Google play store to any android tablet.