The Google Play Store is undoubtedly the best Android App Store to enhance the mobile experience. It allows the users to access more than one million apps but sometimes some apps are unexpectedly pulled from the store. So what can we do ? Here is the tutorial to Install Android Applications from other sources than Google Play by a process called “Sideloading“.

How To Install Android Apps Outside of Google Play ?

Google has removed several apps from the Play Store because of various reasons, most of them are violating the company policies. Once Google removed,most of you think that it’s no longer available in the Play Store. But it can still be installed on your device by the side loading process. The full procedure and tutorial are provided below.

1. Setting up your Device

For performing the sideloading process you have to set up device for the same. In your Android Device either Smartphone or a tablet running on Android v4.0 or higher go to Settings >>Security >>select Unknown Sources. This will allow you to install any app outside of Google Play Store. Below the unknown devices you can see another option “Verify Apps”. By selecting that you can verify the apps installing are free from viruses and other harmful things.

2. Downloading the Application

After setting up your device for sideloading, the next step is to download the required application. Please note that the Application with an extension APK should be downloaded from  trusted developers or companies. For explaining the process,we are taking an example Grooveshark,a free online music streaming service. This app is currently removed from the Play store.

3. The sideloading Process

You can perform the process either through your mobile device or through a computer.

  • Through Mobile Device

So get started first of  all you have to download an APK file by google chrome or Android stock browser. Now go to your App Drawer and click downloads. Here you will find your downloaded application. Then open the file and just install it. That’s it. You are done !

  • Through PC

If you have downloaded the APK in your computer, the process will be a little bit difficult. First of all connect your Android device to your PC and enable USB mass Storage mode on your device. Now drag and drop the file to your device. Then by using any file manager on your device you can locate the dropped file and install it.