About 95% of your contacts or your fans will not see anything, thanks to an algorithm, called Facebook Edge Rank. There are millions of posts posted to facebook every minute and it’s really hard to say that we are there too. In order to Increase the visibility of your content all you need is to follow these 4 simple steps.


Facebook Post Visibility Tips

1) To be reactive and respond to issues and questions

Animating a community is the expression that makes it a good idea of what should be done. It is a job and an opportunity, but it should be cultured and well managed. The goal is to build a fluid and consistent, to have a good user experience.

2) Choose and change the media

The maximum results with minimal effort it is when you vary the content and means. A link, a video, a group of three photos. The main enemy is the routine and custom. Every now and surprise your community.

3) Do not limit your content 

In order to maintain a steady pace, a good consistency and effective content, you also appeal to the content on other pages giving a collaborative space. In this way you do not have continuity in the publication, but also build different notes of the ordinary.

Read: sites like reddit

You can have an appreciation of your fans, but you could also work to build meaningful relationships with other companies.

4) Consider the campaigns on Facebook Ads

If people are up for Facebook to relax, enjoy and share their social sphere, it would be good to make best use of these forces combine to produce good posts and the natural growth of the page with the intervention in Facebook Ads.