When it comes to social networking sites Reddit should be at the top. People from all over the world use these social sites to interact with their friends, family members, relatives and strangers. Although some of these sites allows you to chat with your friends who are in your list but some social sites doesn’t allow chatting facility and one of them is reddit. Reddit is a popular site for social networking, where one can post links, ideas, pictures, videos and so on. This site receives half of its traffic from premium countries like US and UK, Reddit is having so much features for its users but sometimes its looks like people want to join more and more social sites, so we have created list of top sites like reddit which are free to join and can be a great addition to your social networking sites list.

Some Other Sites like Reddit


The social networking site StumbleUpon is very much similar to reddit, like in reddit everyone is allowed to share links to their favorite content, pics, videos etc. Same is the case on stumbleupon where people share links of their favorite sites and then you can upvote and download these site’s links by stumbling. In short StumbleUpon is one of the best sites like reddit that can be a very good choice to use as reddit alternative.

sites like reddit


Facebook is the no.1 social networking site and is very much similar to reddit. Everyone can join facebook for free, Same like reddit on facebook one can easily post links, share pictures, Videos, Gifs, and much more. According to mark zuckerberg, facebook is daily used millions of people, Facebook is also having its light weight app which is also free to download if you want to access facebook through Smartphone.


Tsu.co is my personal favorite and one of the best sites like reddit, Tsu.co is launched few months ago but it has got great numbers of users in a very short spun of time because of these two reasons and that is, Unlike facebook or reddit, Tsu.co pay its users for being active, means whenever anyone posts any thing on tsu and that post get any link, comment or share then the user will be paid for the amount of likes, shares or comment he/she gets.


Pinterest is a Pictures based site focuses on providing a social platform to its users so that they can upload pics, create new boards, share pins from other boards which they follow and much more. Same link reddit everyone is allowed to post and share pictures free of cost, According to the latest stats this site is receiving most of its traffic from USA whereas reddit also receives most of its traffic from USA, But on Pinterest the majority of the traffic is females.


Twitter can be a good addition to the list of sites like reddit, Twitter is another popular site used for social networking like reddit. Twitter is getting traffic fro all over the world just because its very much easy to use, its free to join just signup and start posting tweets within a limited characters. Follow trends, follow people and enjoy the latest of everything by browsing its hashtags.