So you are ready to dive into the YouTube’s world of video creation. But before you go ahead register that username and start creating those awesome videos, just make sure you have the clarity of what you are getting into and how you should pursue it. One simple way to do it is to think about this list of 12 essential things that you should think about before starting a YouTube Channel.

1 – Your reasons behind starting the channel

This is the first thing that you should think to yourself if you are about to start a YouTube channel. What is the purpose of your YouTube channel? You may be doing it for the love or passion of something that you want to share with the world; you may be doing it to promote you website or a product or you may be doing it for any other reason.

Whatever your reason is, there is certainly one of the two things if not both out of money or fame that is either in the front or back of your mind. While desire for money and fame are healthy and keep you focused but they should never be the only behind you starting that channel.

Starting Youtube Channel

Also, if you are expecting that one of your videos will go crazy viral making loads of money, just keep in mind that 60 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. So, make sure there is no factor of luck in the reason behind you starting the channel.

2 – Channel Niche

Just think about literally defining a niche for your videos. Then ask yourself, are you really passionate about that niche? Or you are just passionate about it because it is popular and can potentially provide your channel with lots of views.

Make sure the niche of the videos is something that you are actually passionate about and not something that you think will be popular. It is because there will be time when you will need to dig a lot deeper in that niche and it is much easier doing it naturally if you are passionate about it. It does not matter how small the niche is, just do whatever you are passionate about.

Maybe your niche is too broad or you plan on making a making a multi-niche channel. Think of funneling it into different categories that represent the sub niche. Try to keep the thoughts about your channel organized.

Defining the channel niche and sub niches will help viewers gain a better view of your channel. They know what they are getting into at once and what they can expect from you in future. This brings them closer to the channel and ultimately turns them into subscribers.

3 – Your level of expertise

You may or may not be an expert in the channel subject.  Neither is it essential while starting a channel. But what is really essential is to realize what your current capabilities are in that subject. Having a clear idea of your expertise will help you to determine how much you need to grow in that particular area. This clarity will also help you gain a better subject overview of your video and spot some intricate working as well.

4 – Uniqueness of your channel

Chances are whatever niche you are going to enter; there are a lot of other popular and semi popular channels in that niche. If you are offering similar content and same value as they are, then there is no reason for viewers to watch you over them. So, to earn those viewers, you will need to have something unique to offer in your channel. It can be anything from unique content, style, format to a personal twist that you have to offer.

Also, you should be able to define that uniqueness of your channel. So, just think about what uniqueness you can offer to the viewers.

5 – Your target audience

Think about what audience is more likely to view your content? Review and examine the things like age, sex, mindset, etc of your audience on other same niche channels. This will help you carve out an average outline of your target audience. Knowing your audience is a great advantage in optimization of channel and videos to appeal directly to that particular audience.

Ultimately, it will help you to better connect with the viewers.

6 – Your direct competition

Direct competition is different than niche competition; it is another channel that already serves very similar content you have decided to serve.

To find the direct competition, what you need to do is simply select some topics you are going to make videos about and search them in YouTube search bar. If you find lots of videos by big names on the same topic, you are better off staying away from that one. But if you have something unique to offer on that topic then you can simply change the title and keyword highlighting that uniqueness.

Just think about if you can work around that direct competition. You can even collaborate with that direct competition.

7 – Uploading Schedule

This is one of the most important things you should think about before starting your YouTube channel. When you are about to start one, you are usually overtly passionate about it, tend to overrate yourself and keep the goals higher than you can manage. Instead think logically and realistically about it. Consider the factors like the length of your video, time required for researching, scripting, production, editing, SEO, etc. Get a rough idea of how much time it will take for you to make a video. Then divide this total time for a video by the amount of time you are going to spend on per week. That is the number of videos you can make in a week plus one. Make sure you are more than comfortable following the schedule you plan. Then decide a particular day(s) to upload your videos and stick to it.

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8 – Milestones and Targets

You probably have some aim in mind when you start that channel. But it is not possible to achieve that aim right at once. So, you need to think and analyze the number of views and subscribers that you can get in a fixed amount of time realistically.  Those goals can be anything like number of views, number of likes, number of likes, etc. It can also be external goals such as number of views that it brings to the site of the number of products that it helps sell.

9 – Your Ability in filming and Editing

Creating and marketing videos requires some amount of technical aptitude as well, especially towards filming and editing. So, do you think you know enough about filming and video editing? If not, it may be a good idea to learn about the basics of videography and how they work, it won’t take more than a day of research. And later, it will help you in learning video editing as well if you don’t know it already. Quality of videos depends a lot on filming and editing.

10 – Commitment and Patience

There are a lot of people that start off their YouTube channel with incredible passion, create some great videos with a lot of effort. But when the response does not seem to be enough, they grow erratic with their videos and schedule if not leave the channel at all. However, being successful as a YouTube requires a great deal of commitment and patience. It will take many months if not years for you to see the results. So, just think about if you will be able to continue with commitment and patience for that long.

Have you given a thought about these? Or if you already have a channel did you think about these beforehand?

Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section …