The iPhone applications being very common in today’s world are the best for the younger generation. People are very fond of using iPhone and everyone wants to own it. The fun apps for iphone are found everywhere and all those people who want to have a fun folder in their iPhone, wants to have some app that can make them enjoy.

Adding some app for fun in your iPhone can make you enjoy using your cell phone and you can enjoy the time with your iPhone. Fun apps for iPhone come in lots of varieties and getting those apps in your cell phone can make you enjoy. Iphone is the mobile phone that lets you enjoy it with thousands of amazing applications it gives you. Following are some of the fun apps for iPhone that you can enjoy using in your cell phone.

List of Top 10 Fun Apps for iPhone

fun apps for iphone

Cat Piano

Do you like music? Do you want to make your own music? Do you like the voice that cats make? Well, this iphone app “Cat Piano” is the app that allows you to enjoy music and make your own style for music. You can enjoy the sounds of cat and the music you make by playing on your cell phone. 7 out of 10 people use this app.

Action Movie FX

Ever had those moments when you wish to kill someone or throw something on their head? Now with the help of fun apps for iPhone you can virtually kill or beat someone. Download the action movie FX app and use it for the purpose of killing, throwing bricks, smashing their faces or do anything to make you feel better. This app is the best for having fun and enjoying. 8 out of 10 people use this app.

iSwap Faces

Changing faces and making them look original is what people always want. You can now use the iSwap faces app to switch the faces of two people and make them look perfectly natural. You can adjust the size, color and other features of the app. This app is really a fun app that can let you enjoy the playing of faces. 7 out of 10 people use this fun app.

Jersey Shore Grenade Whistle

Ever wanted people to stop talking about something you don’t feel comfortable with? You can now get to download the jersey shore grenade whistle and make a loud whistle to stop people from talking and getting into a shock. Getting all the fun apps for iPhone might be hard but this app is worthy of your cell phone. This fun app is used by 9 out of 10 people.

Dress up! Drake Edition

Love Drake? So does everyone else. Get Drake in your iPhone and keep checking new outfits on him. You can enjoy this app while listening to all the karaoke versions of Drake’s songs. He is the best in his looks and songs. This app is used by 7 out of 10 people.

Brace Face

Remember when you were young and you had braces or pimples on your face? Get this fun app in your iPhone and take your pictures to put braces on them and see how you looked when you were young. You can make yourself look pretty and add anything that you had when you were young. 8 Out of 10 people use this fun app.

Bieber Me

Another Justin Bieber fan? Can’t resist without meeting him? This app will be the best for you. You can show your friends that you met Bieber by simply placing his picture with you and make it look original. This app has 100s of Bieber’s photos with different styles and you can look different in every picture. This fun app is loved by 7 out of 10 people.

iFun Face

Want to have the best card for your friend that says it all? Unfortunately you won’t be able to find a card that has everything. iFun Face is the another fun app for iphone that lets you make the best video animated card that you can share with friends and family and make it look amazing. You can add all those things that you really want on your card for your friend. 6 out of 10 people use this. This is one of the best fun app which can be downloaded from iphone store.

My Virtual Boyfriend

Still single and waiting for the right guy to come and ask you out? Worry no more because now you can cuddle your iPhone with a virtual boyfriend who gets you and understands you completely. This iphone app is really amazing and you can talk about anything you like. 7 out of 10 lonely people use this fun app.

Dragon Detectors

Finding fun apps for iPhone will be amazing when you have thousands of apps in your cell phone. Dragon detector is the app that lets you throw fire on your enemies around you. This app is really amazing for all those people who want to fight with all those people who fight them. This app is used by 8 out of 10 people.

We hope that you will like these top 10 fun apps for iphone.