4K is one of the most covered tech media speak since last year. And why not, it is four times the resolution of Full HD providing stunning picture quality. It is fancied by a lot of movie or even TV buffs like me. But they are relatively new right now and makes us wonder when is the time that they could come mainstream.

Well, you may or may not have noticed it but the 4K TV themselves are mainstream already, maybe on the premium price but hey they are there. The real problem is not the TV but the content. Except for a few Netflix shows like House of cards and breaking bad and a certain YouTube clips, there is not much of the 4k content available.

Why is 4K content such a big challenge?

4k stream

4k content requires much costlier equipments and much more storage than the existing full HD content from the production point of view.

Broadcasting of 4K content is not cheaper either. Given the bandwidth that it consumes, it seems much more viable to broadcast multiple SD and HD channels instead of 4K right now. However, with x265 knocking the door upfront, the movement could pace up in this direction.

Another roadblock to 4k hitting the main market is the storage problem. These files are so large that blu ray comes nowhere near the solution of the problem.

It’s not only broadcasting that is the problem but also the streaming, Simply streaming the 4K movie requires 15MBps,even if the speed is present it poses a huge challenge to the data cap too.

Other than these there are various issues like standardization, HDMI capability, etc

But these challenges are merely proving to be a bump with each passing day in the fast moving world of technology. ‘X265’ is up for solving the storage problem. Production equipments are getting cheaper as more producers are creating their content in 4K now. Internet speeds and connectivity are increasing as well.

4K may not be completely mainstream for next 2 3 years but its entering into the premium mainstream  segment already.

Would you like to own a 4K TV? What do you think about it?